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Fresh From M&M’s Bakery

Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls -- MMM! Good!

Fresh Baked Bread -- Baked to Order Daily.     

M&M's Pre-Baked 12" Pizza Crusts

            (also makes great breadsticks)

M&M's Cream Sticks -- Delicious


We offer a Variety of M&M's
Fresh Baked Pies and Cookies 
Hot Out of the Oven!

Our Selection of Pies include:

 Lemon Crunch              Apple
Strawberry Rhubarb     Pumpkin
Cherry Crunch             Cherry
Chocolate Cream          Lemon Meringue
Dutch Apple                  Boston Creme Pie
Red Raspberry              Peanut Butter Creme
Coconut Creme


Call Ahead and We'll Bake Your Favorite Just For You!        


M&M's Fresh Baked Cookies

Our Cookie Oven runs throughout the day to assure the
Freshest, Best Tasting Cookie we can make.  


Our most popular cookie is the Raisin Filled.  
People tell us they're just like Grandma's!
The cookies feature a tasty raisin filling, 
surrounded by a delicious cookie crust.  
We sell about 400 of these a week!


Other delicious Cookies, Fresh Baked

right here in our Bakery include:

Peanut Butter            Macadamia Nut            

Chocolate Chip          Double Chocolate Chip

Raisin Filled               M&M Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin           Iced Sugar Cookies     

& More!


M&M's Cookie Trays

Our Cookie Trays are available year round.
They feature cut outs and specially Decorated
Cookies for the Holidays.

  They make great gifts and are a big hit at the office!

Call for Details - We can customize your tray to
the Cookies you want.


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