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- M&M Market’s "Meals In Minutes"

are Fully Cooked, Fresh,

and Homemade in our deli.


- All meals can be heated and served
from oven or microwave.


Some of our Meals In Minutes include:

* Mostaccioli - In Mom's meat sauce, similar to M&M's rigatoni.

* Baked Ham Loaf - Our own ham loaf, topped with our special glaze.

* Meat Loaf - Baked, homemade and always fresh!

* Italian Sausage & Peppers - M&M’s own fresh sausage!

  Choose hot or mild.

* Baked Turkey & Dressing - Great as a side dish or as a main course!

* Lasagna - Made fresh with mom’s recipe using chipped ham, mozzarella, & provolone cheese; topped with M&M’s spaghetti sauce!

* Stuffed Peppers - Made fresh and stuffed with our own ground chuck.

* Cabbage Rolls - Fresh, made in our deli.

* M&M's Large variety of Soups

* & much more!


Call for "Party Size" quantities

for graduations, weddings, or large get togethers!



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