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M&M's Deli



M&M's deli features all kinds of home-made favorites! We make everything right here in our own kitchen using our unique time tested recipes.

Everything is fresh and made as it sells

- There is a difference! 

Come see and taste it!!

Some of our Homemade Deli Salads include :

M&M's Famous Potato Salad - It's a Tuscarawas County favorite. At peak times we make over a ton a week! It's all homemade, starting with select potatoes, cooked with skins on for flavor and peeled hot by hand - It's delicious and rivals Grandma's. (Some people bring their own bowls, fill it with M&M Potato Salad, and take it to their friends...we never tell!)


Did You Know? M&M is Famous for our Time Tested Homemade Potato Salad. We use Our Original Recipe that's been proven over decades. We cook and Hand Peel each potato in our Original Location and it's available 7 days a week, both here in our Store and at the Dover & New Philadelphia Buehlers. It's All made Fresh here at M&M Market in Dover. We're Proud of all Our Time Tested Recipes and Thankful to You for demanding Quality & Freshness You Can See and Taste!








 Bowtie Pasta Salad - Feta Cheese, onions, celery, italian seasoning blended with Bowtie pasta.


                   Other deli offerings are :                   


 Macaroni Salad                         Pineapple Whip

  Baked Beans with Bacon            Pasta Salad

   Broccoli Salad                            Sauerkraut Salad

    Hot Pepper Mix                           Corn Relish

     Sweet Mix                                    Dirt Pudding 

      Seasoned Italian Greek Olives        Heavenly Rice

       Egg Salad                                       Hot Spanish Rice

        Creamy Cole Slaw                           Sandwich Spread

         Sweet & Sour Cole Slaw                   Ham Salad (100% Ham)

          Three Bean Salad                              White Meat Chicken Salad

            Cranberry Relish                               Cheese Spread

            Pickled Eggs                                      Hot Spanish Rice

               Tapioca Pudding                               Parmesian Pasta


             Summertime Salads:

                            Tomato Salad                               Cuke Salad


               Rotating Salads: (Also Available Upon Request)


                      Corn Relish                                   Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad

                         Tuna Salad                                   Cranberry Relish

                               Pea Salad                                  Spinach Dip (Seasonal)


                   All Homemade, Fresh and Delicious


Anti Pasta Salad - Blend of cheese, salami, olives and red peppers with Italian dressing. (Put it over lettuce and you'll have a great chef's salad!)


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