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Jim's Grilling Tips
Always Start with Fresh Cut, USDA Choice, Quality Beef, Pork, or Chicken from M&M Market ---- of course.


Filets On the Grill:

***  These are general guidelines.  Grills vary in Temperature, burner placement, etc.  Results vary.

To Grill A Great Filet:

1. Start with High Heat for 7 Minutes

2. Flip Steaks & Continue High Heat for 3-5 min.

3. Reduce Heat to Medium.  (Do Not Cut Filets - This lets the Juice Out)

4. Continue Cooking

      Rare: Additional 3-5 minutes. **Total Cook time should be no more than 15 minutes

     Medium: Additional 5-8 Minutes.  **Total Cook time should be around 17-18 Minutes

     Well Done: Additional 8-10 minutes. **Total Cook time shouldn't be much more than 20 minutes


Suggestion: Take Steaks off the grill before you think they are done, because they continue to cook after you take them off.

Burgers On the Grill:







To Grill A Great Burger:

1. Don't Tightly Compress Your Ground Chuck.  
        Make Burgers Lightly Compressed to Maximize Tenderness.

2. Season Burgers with Lysanders Meat Rub.
       (Available at M&M)

3. Heat Grill up on High Before Placing Burgers on the Grill.

4. Minimize "Flipping & Poking".  After 3-5 Minutes on High,
       Flip Burgers and Reduce Heat to Medium.
       (This Sears the Outside to Lock the Juiciness Inside)

5. Make one Final Check to Make Sure Burgers are Cooked Thoroughly

6. Serve Burgers Last - After Everything Else on the Table
         (Grilled Meat Continues to Cook After coming off
          the Grill and can Result in Loss of Juicyness!)

  - M&M's Ground Chuck makes the best tasting Hamburgers because we use Fresh                Trimmed Chuck and other Special Cuts of Beef In Our Ground Chuck.

(Many Stores Use Course Ground Vacuum Packed Chunks of "Mystery Meat" for their Grinds)


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