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Party Trays


M&M has many trays to pick

 from, whether you feel like a meat and cheese tray or a cookie tray or even a hot snack tray,

we’ve got a tray for you! We custom make your tray

to fit your needs!

* Cheese


 - Features:                       

Sliced Swiss, Colby,

Hot Pepper, and

Mozzarella Cheese.


a person.

* Meat

& Cheese Tray

- This one, being our

most popular, features

Honey Cured  Ham, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef (cooked medium), Swiss & Colby Cheese. $2.25 a person

and allows 1 1/2


per person.

Meat &

Cheese Snack Tray

 - Includes bite sized

chunks of Trail Bologna, Swiss Cheese, Hard

Salami, Colby Cheese

and Boiled Ham.

$2.75 per person and

includes mustard


All Trays Start at $20.00

- Small Economy Trays

                   Make Approximately 15 Sandwiches for $22.50

-- Medium Economy Trays

                   Make Approximately 20 Sandwiches for $30.00 

--- Large Economy Trays

                   Make Approximately 40 Sandwiches for $60.00 


 Economy Tray

- Same quality meats

and cheeses only

smaller portions allowing 1 sandwich per person.

Cost is only

$1.50 per


* Vegetable


- Includes Celery,

Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Peppers, Cucumbers,

and M&M’s Homemade Vegetable Dip.

$1.50 per person


Medium Tray Serves

15 people for $22.50

* Finger


A combination of M&M’s Homemade all white meat Chicken Salad, Egg Salad,

Cheese Spread and Ham Salad.

$2.50 per person


Serve 10 for $25.00

15 for $37.50

Allows 3 Finger Sandwiches

Per Person


* Hot

Snack Trays

- Ready to Heat-N-Serve!

Includes M&M’s homemade bitesize Meatballs, Hamballs,

Chicken Nuggets, Honey

BBQ and Hot Wings.


Small Tray serves 15 for $30.00

Large Tray serves 30 for $60.00


Approx. 4 Pieces
per person

* M&M's

Fresh Baked Cookie Trays

Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip,

Macadamia Nut, M&M, Iced Sugar,

Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Chip

and Holiday Cut Outs


Small Tray - 3 Dozen Assorted Regular Cookies



Small Tray - 3 Dozen Cut Outs - $25.00







Contact our Bakery for

more information!


- Small Regular Trays

              Allow For 15 Sandwiches for 10 people for $22.50

-- Medium Regular Trays

             Allow For 22 Sandwiches for 15 people for $33.75 

--- Large Regular Trays

             Allow For 37 Sandwiches for 25 people for $56.25

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